Success Story: West Fork Family Medicine speeds Faxes and Documents to their Electronic Health Records System

Experiencing problems getting faxes and scanned documents into your Electronic Health Records System (EHR)? West Fork Family Medicine integrated Fax HQ with their SOAPware EHR system to send and receive lab results, physician correspondence, consultation notes, pre-operation orders, prescription refills, orders for tests and requests for medical records. Working with One Touch Global Technologies they were able to benefit from improvements in workflow and secure inbound and outbound electronic faxing.

West Fork Family Medicine integrates their Electronic Health Records System (EHR) with Fax HQ from One Touch Global Technologies to speed faxed prescriptions and other documents by 50%.

West Fork Family Medicine is a small general medical practice in North Eastern Iowa that provides general practitioner services to local and surrounding communities. They cope with a wide range of family medical issues providing referrals for specialist care, treatment of injuries, fracture management, adult and child wellness visits, immunizations, wellness consultation and other services.

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