Business Document Efficiency Begins with One Touch

One Touch makes companies more efficient by automatically routing and delivering transactional documents to and from corporate back-office systems for immediate integration and action.

For incoming documents, our highly automated document onramp adds valuable intelligence to documents and faxes that can be leveraged by key business systems to increase the speed and accuracy of business-critical transactions.

For outgoing information, our delivery systems can automatically assemble documents from multiple business systems and code them so that returning documents can be processed with little to no manual intervention.

With customizable workflows and business rules, One Touch products provide

  • Simple integration with existing back-office and cloud-based workflow systems, multifunction copiers, scanners and fax servers;
  • Flexible integration to support changing requirements;
  • High availability, reliability and disaster recovery capabilities;
  • Quick yet powerful exception handling; and
  • Intelligent barcode handling based on business rules.

Document/Fax Automation

One Touch can automate document- and fax-intensive business transactions and processes through a simple yet powerful workflow management solution. Learn more about document/fax automation with the One Touch Integration Server and the One Touch Barcode Module.

Hands-On Document/Fax Workflow

One Touch can enable you to drive the hands-on steps of a document- or fax- intensive business process more efficiently and accurately. Learn more about hands-on document/fax workflow and the One Touch Workflow Client.

Enterprise Fax Technology

One Touch can provide true intelligent fax server technology and delivery to and from a wide variety of business systems. Learn more about enterprise fax technology and One Touch Fax HQ (formerly TargetFax).