One Touch Workflow Client

Accelerate the Hands-on Steps of Your Document-Driven Business Workflow

The One Touch Workflow Client leverages the powerful business process automation and integration capabilities of the One Touch Integration Server, enabling knowledge workers to

  • Drive the hands-on steps of a document-centric business process more efficiently and accurately;
  • Quickly and easily perform sophisticated indexing, validation and workflow tasks on inbound documents; and
  • Launch complex, automated, rules-based actions with as few as one click.

And because it works with the One Touch Integration Server, the One Touch Workflow Client

  • Leverages existing applications and back-end systems,
  • Provides tighter integration,
  • Enables faster user adoption and
  • Significantly reduces implementation costs.

Flexible to Meet the Needs of Any Workflow

The One Touch Workflow Client offers a highly customizable interface, including buttons, actions, index fields and routing lists, enabling it to meet the specific needs of each business process with minimal programming. It also

  • enables easy database updates,
  • performs lookups to intelligently fill index values,
  • identifies document senders,
  • determines routing and
  • prioritizes documents, all based on sophisticated business rules.

Contact One Touch now to learn more about how to enable hands-on document workflow flexibility for knowledge workers.