One Touch Integration Server

Improve Process Efficiency for Paper, Fax and Email Documents

The One Touch Integration Server is a game-changing platform for automating document-intensive business transactions and processes. It maximizes the value of incoming paper, fax and email documents by automatically routing and processing them as electronic documents and integrating them with a wide variety of back-end systems.

It can also automatically assemble outgoing documents from multiple business systems and code them so that the same One Touch solution can process the returning documents with little to no manual intervention.

Unlike most workflow solutions, the One Touch Integration Server leverages a company’s existing business processes, database applications and a wide range of back-end systems to meet each organization’s specific needs. This means the One Touch Integration Server can evolve with your business while enabling tighter integration, faster user adoption and significantly lower implementation costs.

Superior Workflow System Flexibility

The One Touch Integration Server provides superior workflow process flexibility plus configurable connectors and definable, rules-based processing engines that can perform many tasks simultaneously for each event with little to no programming required.

It also offers a low total cost of ownership and built-in functionality that avoids expensive customization and programming during deployment and modification.

Proven on Tens of Millions of Documents

Customers in healthcare, financial services, insurance and other document-intensive businesses have used the One Touch Integration Server to process tens of millions of documents into complex workflows synchronized with multiple third-party line-of-business and document management systems.

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