One Touch Fax HQ

Bring Automation and Integration to Vital Fax-Based Transactions

One Touch Fax HQ (formerly TargetFax) is a highly versatile fax solution that enables organizations of almost any size to receive the benefits of an intelligent fax server and fax automation system.

One Touch Fax HQ can be implemented on its own or with an existing fax server to enable

  • Automatic processing and routing of inbound fax documents to specified systems or knowledge workers;
  • Fax broadcasting for real-time or scheduled document delivery from back-office business systems;
  • Easy mail-merge connectivity with Microsoft Office, accounting packages, quoting systems, mortgage applications, contact managers, CRM systems and custom applications;
  • Desktop access to sending, retrieving, viewing, editing and storing fax documents;

One Touch Fax HQ provides an ideal bridge from fax to electronic systems in industries that rely on fax for the secure transmission of vital transactions, including

  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Finance and Banking
  • Legal
  • Real Estate

The One Touch Fax HQ fax server

  • Supports DNIS, DID, channel and CSID inbound routing methods;
  • Can scale up to 48 lines per fax server;
  • Supports multiple servers for hundreds of lines in a fault-tolerant, load-balanced configuration; and
  • Can deliver fax documents to workflow systems, network file systems, forms processing systems, and custom applications.

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