One Touch Barcode Module

Bring More Processing Efficiency and Accuracy to Documents and Faxes

Barcode technology has grown well past the simple codes used at the supermarket checkout counter. Modern barcodes now carry a variety of structured data to help accelerate and improve the accuracy of business processes in healthcare, finance, insurance, transportation, manufacturing and other paper-intensive industries.

The One Touch Barcode Module enhances the power of this technology by automatically creating and accurately reading barcodes to quickly and correctly process documents and faxes and to route them to the right business workflow.

For incoming documents and faxes, the One Touch Barcode Module recognizes simple 1D and powerful 2D barcodes to automatically identify, split, index and create metadata for each document and deliver it into business workflows.

It can recognize multiple barcodes on one or more pages, leverage the One Touch Integration Server to perform different actions on each based on rules, and enable easy resolution of exceptions through the One Touch Workflow Client.

The One Touch Barcode Module can also stamp 1D and 2D barcodes on outgoing documents and faxes — including documents generated through a web interface or automatically assembled by the One Touch Integration Server from multiple business systems — so that returning documents can be processed intelligently with little to no manual intervention.

Proven Technology to Move Business Faster

The One Touch Barcode Module works with fax servers and network scanners or multifunction devices (MFDs) to offer mature, cost-saving data collection technology that addresses a variety of critical organizational needs:

  • Enables faster processing and reduced manual handling and data entry for line-of-business or time-sensitive documents.
  • Provides routing and other information for document and content management systems.
  • Improves compliance with document requirements of HIPPA, SOX and similar regulations.
  • Enables easy browser-based creation of barcoded cover sheets to expedite document processing.

Powerful Features and Functionality

The One Touch Barcode Module supports multiple 1D barcodes, and the advanced barcode component supports a variety of 2D barcodes.

It can read multiple barcodes on one or more pages and can apply relevant rules to split and index incoming documents based on

  • Barcode index values and automatic database lookups,
  • Account numbers
  • Medical record numbers and encounters,
  • Sender’s CSID and caller ID,
  • Date/time received,
  • Recipient information such as user or department,
  • Fixed value counters,
  • Variable data and custom fields or
  • Combinations of these.

The One Touch Barcode Module can then convert and deliver documents in multiple formats, such as

  • Single-/multi-page TIFF, and
  • Single-/multi-page PDF, including searchable PDF.

Finally, the One Touch Barcode Module can deliver the documents to a variety of business systems, including

  • Workflows,
  • Document management systems,
  • Email inboxes,
  • Network directories or ftp staging points,
  • Printers and
  • The One Touch Workflow Client for fast handling of exceptions.