Industry Solutions

Improve Responsiveness and Efficiency While Increasing Compliance

All industries are facing rapidly changing markets and operating environments. Customers increasingly expect faster, easier and more accurate transactions. At the same time, organizations are seeking new ways to “do more with less” while also complying with a growing body of regulations regarding information security and privacy — from HIPAA for US health providers to Sarbanes-Oxley across all publicly traded US companies.

In the midst of pressures to increase the automation and control of information, many business processes still suffer a bottleneck: They rely on documents and other information that is received or sent on paper or by fax. The organizations that can handle this information most efficiently and deliver it quickly to the appropriate systems and knowledge workers are the organizations that will thrive and grow.

One Touch has more than 20 years of expertise in integrating document and fax systems with vital transactional business processes for hundreds of customers in healthcare, banking and financial services, insurance, manufacturing, government and other document-intensive industries.