Bring Powerful Document Workflow Automation to Your Healthcare Organization

Quality healthcare is driven by accurate, timely information in a myriad of formats: Patients fill out paper intake forms, labs send electronic reports, doctors send past care records by fax — the list goes on.  Any one of these documents can drive an important medical decision or business process, so it is vital for the information to be handled quickly, accurately and securely.

The One Touch Integration Server is a game-changing platform for automating such document-intensive transactions and processes. It maximizes the availability of paper, fax and email documents by automatically routing and processing them as electronic documents and integrating and archiving them with a wide variety of back-end systems. The One Touch Integration Server enables business process engineering for any healthcare-related organization.

Improve Both Patient Care and Business Agility

One Touch enables any healthcare provider — from large, multi-site organizations to single clinics — to

  • Create a comprehensive paperless medical record with information from paper, fax and electronic sources;
  • Improve patient care and safety with immediate access to the latest medical record content;
  • Increase regulatory compliance by quickly securing data and protecting access;
  • Reduce costs by eliminating paper, reducing storage space and refocusing staff time on more productive tasks; and
  • Accelerate revenue cycles through quicker access to coding and billing data

Unlike most business process workflow solutions, the One Touch Integration Server meets each organization’s specific needs by

  • Leveraging existing applications and back-end systems,
  • Providing tighter integration,
  • Enabling faster user adoption and
  • Significantly reducing implementation costs.

Better Information for Higher Quality of Care

  • Increase clinician productivity and satisfaction by improving the quality and availability of information.
  • Spread new knowledge faster by populating a case repository and making new procedures and results available for review.
  • Enhance patient safety by enabling a faster view of orders, results and history.
  • Capture information for utilization reviews and best practices analyses.
  • Enable better search and analysis, trends and projections, and operational analytics.

Improved Business Processes for Faster ROI

  • Improve the revenue cycle by providing claims information more quickly and accurately.
  • Decrease delays and rejections of submitted claims.
  • Enhance the patient mix for increased reimbursement.
  • Increase the profitability of services performed.
  • Improve case management.
  • Increase compliance by quickly securing all record data and protecting access.