Hands-on Document/Fax Workflow

Accelerate the Hands-on Steps of Your Business Document Workflow

The automation of document-driven business processes brings the promise of “hands-off” speed and efficiency. But in the real world, even the most automated process often requires the direct involvement of knowledge workers.

When a customer omits information from a new account application, or when a vendor forgets to put a purchase order number on their invoice, someone has to handle that exception. And some business processes are just too sensitive or changeable to ever be completely automated.

These exceptions and manual processes are often slow, costly and prone to error. But even if you cannot fully automate a process, you can provide the right tools to improve the speed, accuracy and cost of processing.

The One Touch Workflow Client works with the One Touch Integration Server to help knowledge workers drive the hands-on steps of a document-centric business process more efficiently and accurately, with an unmatched combination of flexibility, features, functionality and price.