Improve Constituent Service While Reducing Paperwork Time and Costs

Government is almost synonymous with paperwork. The sheer amount of information received and sent by agencies as paper documents and faxes is staggering, so a solution that can intelligently accelerate the processing and routing of this information offers tremendous potential for better constituent service, stronger regulatory compliance, greater efficiency and reduced costs.

One Touch Increases the Efficiency of Document-Intensive Government Processes

The One Touch Integration Server provides the key to automating document-intensive government transactions and processes. It maximizes the availability of paper, fax and email documents by automatically routing and processing them as electronic documents and securely delivering them into and out of a wide variety of back-end systems.

One Touch also provides a highly flexible interface for quickly and easily handling exceptions or sensitive processes that require human decisions.

One Touch supports the needs of agencies and departments from the national to the local level with

  • Flexible integration and customizable workflows to support changing requirements;
  • High availability, reliability and disaster recovery capabilities;
  • Audit trails and secure processing for regulatory compliance;
  • Simple integration with existing back-office and cloud-based workflow systems, multifunction copiers, scanners and fax servers;
  • Quick yet powerful exception handling; and
  • Intelligent barcode handling based on business rules.

Contact One Touch now to learn more about how your government agency or department can improve constituent service while improving document processing efficiency and compliance.