Enterprise Fax Technology

Improve Your Fax Systems with FoIP, Cloud, Workflow and More

Fax is a key transactional information channel for many organizations, yet companies that send or receive more than 20 fax documents a day with a manual fax machine are losing at least 2-4 hours of employee productivity and salary costs every day. This manual handling of faxes also creates challenges for these same organizations in document storage, retrieval, lost information and integration of information with business workflows.

Companies that adopt computer-based fax server technology gain the ability to quickly, securely and automatically send, receive, route, process, retrieve, view, edit and store fax documents. An intelligent fax solution enables organizations to bridge their paper/fax transactions to electronic back-office and cloud-based workflow systems. And a Fax over IP (FoIP) solution eliminates the costs and hassles of standard phone lines while retaining the security advantages of fax transmission.

One Touch Fax HQ (formerly TargetFax) works with the One Touch Integration Server and a wide variety of third-party fax systems including RightFax to provide true intelligent fax automation, rules-based delivery, barcode recognition and processing, and delivery to and from a wide variety of business systems.