Document/Fax Automation

Document Process Automation that Evolves with Your Business

Your company’s business transactions are driven by documents and information. But those documents can arrive in many different formats and require a wide variety of actions, decisions and interactions with multiple back-end business systems.

In the past, companies had to handle this information manually, either by passing documents from desk to desk or by keying the information into an electronic system. Both manual approaches are slow, labor-intensive and highly prone to error.

Today, organizations that implement an automated document onramp and delivery solution from One Touch reap the benefits of faster, more accurate transactions and simple, flexible integration that makes it easy for the system to adapt to changing business needs.

The One Touch Integration Server is at the center of many of our customers’ most successful business process automation solutions. When combined with the One Touch Workflow Client for hands-on workflow, the One Touch Barcode Module for enhanced automation, and One Touch Fax HQ for powerful fax functionality, the result is a powerful solution that meets the ever-changing needs of today’s evolving business processes.