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Success Story: West Fork Family Medicine speeds Faxes and Documents to their Electronic Health Records System

Experiencing problems getting faxes and scanned documents into your Electronic Health Records System (EHR)? West Fork Family Medicine integrated Fax HQ with their SOAPware EHR system to send and receive lab results, physician correspondence, consultation notes, pre-operation orders, prescription refills, orders for tests and requests for medical records. Working with One Touch Global Technologies they were able to benefit from improvements in workflow and secure inbound and outbound electronic faxing.

West Fork Family Medicine integrates their Electronic Health Records System (EHR) with Fax HQ from One Touch Global Technologies to speed faxed prescriptions and other documents by 50%.

West Fork Family Medicine is a small general medical practice in North Eastern Iowa that provides general practitioner services to local and surrounding communities. They cope with a wide range of family medical issues providing referrals for specialist care, treatment of injuries, fracture management, adult and child wellness visits, immunizations, wellness consultation and other services.

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Success Story: Medical Optics Company automates and accelerates order processing with RightFax and the One Touch Integration Server (OTIS)

Do you need a faster and more responsive process to handle orders that arrive via RightFax? A major medical optics company needed to expedite their fax order process, and a key requirement was to use their existing RightFax environment. The company was able to leverage RightFax by using the native integration and workflow capabilities of the One Touch Integration Server (OTIS) from One Touch Global Technologies.

RightFax continues to receive inbound fax orders; however, OTIS now monitors these orders, syncs with customer information generated by SAP, and then automatically delivers the orders with detailed customer information to the right account reps.

Medical Optics Company leverages their RightFax system with the One Touch Integration Server (OTIS) to automate and accelerate order processing.

This global medical optics company provides products ranging from eye drops to Lasik surgery devices for patients of all ages. They now have an automated process for their extensive support network that handles orders from eye care professionals, distributors and retailers.

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Success Story: One Touch Global Technologies helps a Large Regional Hospital reduce time to complete Refills by 80%

Are you trying to find ways to contain soaring health care costs while continuing to provide the highest level of patient care? This top-tier regional hospital used the One Touch Integration Server (OTIS) to automate processes relating to prescriptions and associated documentation. Requests for refills are automatically routed by OTIS and integrated with their Siemens Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. All e-prescription and fax information is now immediately available to the administrator.

Enhanced Visibility: All patient and physician information can now be reviewed, amended and processed by the administrator and quickly sent on to the nurses for approval or denial.

Faster Order Processing: The consistency and accuracy of the data and the process is much improved, and as a result, the time required to complete refill requests has been reduced by 80 to 90%.

Cost Savings: The hospital was able to reduce annual maintenance and support costs by integrating RightFax servers with OTIS.

Large Regional Hospital reduces electronic document costs and speeds prescription refills using the One Touch Integration Server (OTIS).

A top-tier regional hospital, with annual revenues exceeding $900 million, is one of the most widely respected health care organizations in the country with more than 25,000 admissions annually.

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Success Story: One Touch Bar Code Module automates Individualized Education Plan (IEP) authorizations

Keen to find a way to expedite the authorization and processing of documents from clients, but not sure how you can meet the challenge? Public Consulting Group worked with One Touch Global Technologies to significantly reduced turnaround times processing Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) for students with special needs.

One Touch provides a secure and organized paperless environment for students’ IEPs and Public Consulting Group is now able to provide much better services while managing a growing business. They were able to significantly improve the speed, flexibility, accountability and compliance of their IEP authorization process. Why not take a page out of Public Consulting Group’s playbook and introduce similar initiatives to enhance services to your customers?

Public Consulting Group uses One Touch Bar Code technology to automate Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) pdf

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Public Consulting Group (PCG) is dedicated to delivering leading consulting approaches and technologies to public sector clients. With more than 1,100 professionals, they serve clients in the U.S., Canada, and in Europe.

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Brochure: One Touch Integration Server

One Touch Integration Server brochureCustomers in healthcare, financial services, insurance and other document-intensive businesses have used the One Touch Integration Server to process tens of millions of faxes and other documents into complex workflows synchronized with multiple third-party systems. This game-changing platform transforms any document or fax system into a high-demand, user-friendly, transactional document capture and delivery solution.

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Datasheet: One Touch Workflow Client

The One Touch Workflow Client enables knowledge workers to

  • Drive the hands-on steps of a document-centric business process more efficiently and accurately;
  • Quickly and easily perform sophisticated fax document indexing, validation and workflow tasks on inbound documents; and
  • Launch complex, automated, rules-based actions with as few as one click.

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Datasheet: One Touch Barcode Module

The One Touch Barcode Module enhances the power of the One Touch Integration Server by automatically creating and accurately reading barcodes to quickly and correctly process documents and faxes and to route them to the right business workflow.

For incoming documents and faxes, the One Touch Barcode Module recognizes simple 1D and powerful 2D barcodes to automatically identify, split, index and create metadata for each document and deliver it into business workflows.

It can recognize multiple barcodes on one or more pages, leverage the One Touch Integration Server to perform different actions on each based on rules, and enable easy resolution of exceptions through the One Touch Workflow Client.

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Brochure: One Touch Workflow Solutions for Healthcare

One Touch enables any healthcare provider — from large, multi-site organizations to single clinics — to

  • Create a comprehensive medical record with information from paper, fax and electronic sources;
  • Improve patient care and safety with immediate access to the latest medical record content;
  • Increase compliance by quickly securing data and protecting access;
  • Reduce costs by eliminating paper, reducing storage space and refocusing staff time on more productive tasks; and
  • Accelerate revenue cycles through quicker access to coding and billing data

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